Natalya Vsevolodova
General Manager

Your professional strengths

I am extremely sincere: I prefer straightforwardness to smoothing the corners, because I think that this is more efficient and honest. I do not identify myself with a problem, but I seek a solution to it. I turn disadvantages into advantages.

Your professional achievements. What are you proud of?

With each new project I rise to a new level of professional development. I appreciate the gained experience and use it as a base for my further achievements. I take part in international exhibitions as an expert in the field of MICE services.

What do you do in your free time?

The very concept of "free time" is ambiguous in my case. I need all my time for continuous personal growth in order not to have to agree for dubious compromises. Precisely because I would prefer to stay in bed, I go out for a run in the rain.

What are you dreaming about?

I dream to be a lighthouse keeper somewhere in the cold Atlantic just as long as it takes to feel the romanticism of this profession. I also dream to write a book about my dreams that have come true and especially about those delicious dreams that can hardly be realized.

There are no irreplaceable people. Apply this principle to me, and I will admit defeat. But I would return as a boomerang to take my place again. And I will be grateful for the lesson learnt.

Your principle / rule of life