Natalya Vsevolodova

General Manager

I am extremely sincere: I prefer straightforwardness to smoothing the corners, because I think that this is more efficient and honest. I do not identify myself with a problem, but I seek a solution to it. I turn disadvantages into advantages. More

Anton Ivanov

Creative Director

If to ask questions, then to ask about the core. If to listen, then to hear. If to think, then outside the box. I can make any dialogue constructive and productive. More

Dmitry Murashev

Technical Director

There is always a quality solution for everything. Yes, and for the approved budget, too. More

Julia Yurovskaya

Art Director / decorator.

I am proud of each of my projects. This is my major achievement. Your principle / rule of life Do it well or do not do it at all. I am convinced that success is only 20% of talent, but 80% of hard work. More

Anastasia Chufistova


I am a team player. My strongest side is sociability. I can find a common language with anyone and I am good at negotiating. I love what I do, no matter how difficult some projects can turn out. And I only do what I can do well. More

Daria Panova


I am persistent in pursuit of goals. My optimism and energy help me in solving even the most difficult tasks. More